21 June, 2017

Akeruka Lulu Bento Mesh Head - Shape Up

Grid Status: Online | In-World: 50,367 | SL Time: 1:43 pm

I think today is the last day to pick up Akeruka Lulu and Aron 2.6 as group gifts with a L$150 join fee. I will list my shape for Lulu x Maitreya on the MP in a few days. As you can see, I still need much work to transform the body shape to fit the Maitreya body. I think I will do 3 body types, model, slim and curvy. Ive learned so much this year about shapes and proportions!
I wonder...should I do a system body shape too? These heads come with full skins, appliers and are compatible with the Second Life system body. I still wear a full system avatar in Kitely. 

[AK] Mesh Head Lulu Vers. 2.6 Bento + teeth...the skin, appliers and makeup is what comes with the HUD though I did some tinting, as I always do for most everything tint-able in Second Life!

:::Sn@tch Minx Hair-Unrigged (OMBRES)::: (Exclusive at the Vintage Fair)
Ain't MIsbehavin' Dress Set- Dress Maitreya (with beads), also at the Vintage Fair
FATEeyes 3.0 
fri. - Sugar.Platforms (Coal)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 + feet
Slink Hands - Dynamic - V1.4
-{ZOZ}- Metals & Tips nail appliers

17 June, 2017

Suddenly, a Circus

Get in the hoop, no time to edit...or explain...
Photo by Nicole X at Blue Orange

Freaks, Normies and everyone plays, swings and flails!

amazing decor by  Theda Tammas and appropriately creepy and cool tunes by Gitu Aura.
with a film to follow, I am told :)

10 June, 2017

Collaborating With Other Bloggers

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Collaborating With Other Bloggers
Kess Crystal and Divos Titanium discuss the fine art of collaborating with other Second Life bloggers and vloggers. 
Live stream and video.

We will do collaborations as part of a blogger challenge coming up soon. :)

09 June, 2017

Pop-up Contest, TRUTH Hair

You never know what you might wake up to in Second Life, and some fun challenges come my way. This morning, there was a flash contest notice in the TRUTH Hair VIP group asking us a question...
If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and what would you do?  (REAL LIFE PLEASE)

I submitted my answer and win or lose, will update to post it here after the contest ends this afternoon at 3 PM SLT.

TRUTH HAIR Bernadette [Hat] (hat tinted) Holiday gift from 2015 
Maitreya Lara mesh body, 
FATEeyes 3.0
[Dolphin Design]Cheese & Waltz couch (white)
[ keke ] candelabra - sun
Bookcase - Kaya Angel

My Entry:
If I could be someone else for just a day, I would step outside myself and into Lisa Eldridge's shoes. It's a hard choice, I might have chosen Dita von Teese for her glamorous life or world travels or maybe the author Ray Bradbury as I admire a wide variety of people for their diverse kinds of inspiration.
But Lisa seems to balance everything she does in a kind of serene way, even the exciting things in her life. Whether she speaks of her work or her personal life, a quiet intensity shows through in her filming and of course she handles things with a sort of grace that makes it all seem effortless. 
I crave a glimpse into how she does that.
One of Lisa's travelogues