27 March, 2013

Changes over 3 days...
Photo 1, no mesh objects worn, just sculpted prims and system clothes.
2-5 are pix of a full mesh avatar used with ancient AO. The wrists/sweater clips a bit at the extreme ranges of motion as do the shoulder straps on the dress made for her but overall, very impressive integration for an avi with non-standard rigging. (Joint rigging IS more or less realistic for a bjd with double jointing at knees and elbows) but she cannot wear the regular standardized rigged-mesh avatar clothing by other makers. I'm already hugely fond of her, though...there will be other dolls with standardized shapes/rigging soon enough, I'm guessing. Doll avatar makers and wearers are always a very small, quirky group, (as with RL dolls) with the avi/doll customized to their maker, then later customizer's ideals. I suspect I like this one because she reminds me of the body shape and jointing of the next resin bjd on my wish list, but the faces look more like a Gentaro Araki doll I have (U-noa Sist and a couple like U-noa 2.0 or even Zero). If you read this far and aren't a doll person, I'm smiling, you know....

Photo 3: Seems this doll avi is up to human tricks...when your hair is flat, add high and low lights, cut your bangs beautifully and wear a compensatory bow. Mesh bow over mesh hair over mesh dress over mesh head. The hair falls at the inner edge of the scoop-neck and disguises the body/dress clipping that even with mesh, will occur at the limits of range-of motion. There is no texture flash with mesh occlusion it seems, but I don't know enough about it to say why for sure. Guessing it's partially because there are no inner or doubled faces or stacked alphas?
This will date me, no doubt, but I have to say that so many years after discovering Poser, (and later Daz), seeing certain rigged mesh models animated and moving together and doing so many, many things is still such a huge part of my enjoyment of virtual worlds. It's always been first, before the human interaction factor, and remains so...one of several reasons I am a doll in SL. I haven't checked the avi cost on this one, my 'regular' SL avi has always been in the red when properly put together, so I'm wondering what this one will be.

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