09 June, 2014

Day 2298

Designing Worlds Weekly Report: Episode 237, Metaverstas

Well I don't watch TV in RL but it seems I do in Second Life!! BUT...so far only recently at the
viewing parties on Mondays (2pm SLT/PST/GMT-7) at the Designing Worlds Studios with fellow fans and the hosts and creators, Saffia Widdershins,  Elrik Merlin and talented photographer Wildstar Beaumont. I guess am sometimes more of a social bee in SL than RL too.
TV lounging...there's even a popcorn machine in the studio.

I did watch a YouTube video about someone's Linden Home though since I am getting one myself, and saw their big tv and linked laptop so more about that kind of business later....

From the notecard delivered this morning:
Case Dirval and Yolanda Hirvi are the designers behind Metaverstas ( in English ), and they take us through three fascinating projects – firstly a virtual microbrewery created for a technical college, then a series of biochemistry laboratories created for Finland’s largest university, and finally a history project created to teach high school students about the Winter War, when Finland was attacked by the USSR in 1939.

Case Dirval demonstrates the brewery functions

The projects demonstrates how Second Life can be used to replicate processes which would –
if based in the real world – would be hugely time consuming and costly. They also offer
the opportunity for students to learn associated tasks such as laboratory safety and
security without needing to utilise real facilities. And they also offer the opportunity
to study exactly how students learn.

"Hirvi" means 'moose' in Finnish...of course!

I was really fascinated all the way through this time, I didn't even dash for coffee like I
usually do, I rarely sit still through a show, poor Mr Abe and my local friends tolerate my fidgets but once in awhile something will really hold my attention.  It may seem odd to read a report on a news program but you always hear about these great educational opportunities in SL but rarely see them profiled in-depth like this, or get to meet the people involved so bravo to Ms Widdershins and Mr Merlin for this week's episode.
There was a smaller audience than usual this time but many people are surely busy since
the SL11B build deadline is fast approaching in 10 days. More about THAT later as well...such lead-ins, so shameless!

Ms Hirvi is a talented creator, I have several of her items from back in the days of Metaversal Arts, beginning with the welcome gifts when it opened. People often quietly take root in SL and then continue to blossom!

You can catch up with Designing Worlds, watch past episodes or even have a peek at the
in-world studios using the links below but it's most fun to attend the viewing parties in-world every Monday.
Next week...Mers!! Can't miss it!

Taxi to the Designing Worlds Studio in Second Life
Treet TV website


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