01 June, 2014

The 1920's Berlin Project Turns 5

 The 5th anniversary celebrations for the 1920's Berlin Project were in full swing today with the Miss Berlin Pageant followed by elegant cocktails on the roof of the Bauhaus.

I was taking a break from the birthday build and opening some Arcade gacha loot this morning inworld (more on both soon) so I took the time to shimmy into a very old system/flexiprim gown, hair and skin to visit the 5th anniversary celebrations going on in The 1920's Berlin Project.
I hope they didn't mind that I was dressed vintage even for SL! :D

 The Miss Berlin 1929 Pageant was held at the Odeon, I walked from the train station, enjoying the street scenes in a populated sim. I didn't get many good pix today at all due to my client-side system lag but it was a lot of fun to watch the pageant. It was very well done with beautiful animations, especially for the talent section. The theater is lovely and it was over all too soon. Afterwards we made our way up to the roof of the Bauhaus for the Flapperette's 2nd Anniversary Party.

 I really enjoy visiting in-scale sims because Fauve is not dwarfed by the builds and it feels cozy and very real in space if not time. Of course I hit the buffet afterwards while the typist wolfed down a snack of her own.
At the party, the buffet spread consisted of 
Baked Ham with Cloves and side of Asparagus
Cucumber and Watercress Sandwiches 
a lovely Fruit Salad
an amazing Flapperette Cake!

 There were several cocktails but of particular interest was the Apricot Bubbly because the recipe accompanied it in a notecard.

 Apricot Bubbly, a 1920s Cocktail
Mix one part apricot brandy to one part orange juice, then top with champagne.

Apricot Brandy is a neutral grain spirit infused with apricot flesh, kernels, and sugar. Apricot Brandy has been appearing in cocktail books since at least the beginning of the 20th Century, with brands such as Bols, Garnier and DeKuyper being specifically mentioned in books. By the mid-1930s, books tended to include several cocktail recipes calling for this ingredient. During Prohibition in the US, fruits were a convenient way of masking the taste of cheaply made alcohol.

The website: http://www.1920sberlin.com/
Your taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/1920s%20Berlin/236/232/751

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