07 May, 2015

[N°1] Oh So Very Secret...

This is how we Learn to Photo the Second Life way!
[POWERS]Mesh Gisele Outfit With Texture Changer HUD

This round of Secret Wednesday is over but [POWERS] Design has some cute things that slip between casual and dressy. Perfect to hop into for kicking around on a rainy Wednesday is this cozy sweater with nice detailing on the bag and shoes. Watch for this brand in the future, they are in a lot of events or you can just hit the store in its new location. 

I grabbed the workout set, tank and bag from the group gifts above so I'll be trying them on to play with my yoga poses and maybe join the live inworld yoga class this Sunday after play practice. It's good to have a dress up day to play with all the loot from a shopping day though, don't you think? 

I'm also cleaning out my inventory, today's report says at least a dozen fugly bracelets hit the trash!
  • Inventory count: 37,186 -->37,282-->37,268 (scripting class stuff and unpacking goodies)
  • Plurk Karma: 16.26, up from zero less than a week ago so not too bad.

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