19 December, 2015

Do you ever think, "This might be the last...?"

Winter Beach at the Lodge, Angel Manor
Urchin Fauve enjoying her first snowfall at Angel Manor after participating in the filming for the
New Babbage Holiday Special for Designing Worlds
Daniel Voyager posted about the upcoming Lindens -vs- residents Snowball fight with some great photos and memories that made me smile...but...do you ever think, 

"This could be the last {insert name of periodic SL activity}"

 before they eventually close Second Life sometime down the road?

Providing Sansar is a success and people migrate.
Providing the current Second Life world doesn't just continue as long as there is revenue to sustain it.
Providing people won't just stay in SL until the lights go out. (this is where I stand mostly)

I don't spend terribly much time mulling it over but it does cross my mind from time to time so...what do I do about it? Often I buy another parcel, write a blog post, build something and then spend as much time as my schedule allows attending, participating and just enjoying Second Life.

The one thing I DO want to be able to say to everyone I circle with when the doors finally close or when I doff whatever avatar I currently inhabit is...

"We had such fun, didn't we?"

Go to the things
Play the games 
Buy the land
Make the thing 
Ride the ride
Build the dream

Because the dream never dies. <3

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