21 January, 2016

Lab Chat. Ebbe Altberg Answers Our Questions

Lab Chat is an opportunity for you to ask Lindens your questions during a live taping that will be recorded and archived for everyone to view.
Frau Jo Yardley, Ebbe Linden (Ebbe Altberg), & Saffia Widdershins

The transcripts  and video  for the 90 minute Chat will be available soon afterwards to peruse at your leisure.
The set looks welcoming, and the 3 audience sims are full for the chat.
As usual, Frau Yardley and Miss Widdershins were very stylish, Ebbe has also modded his avatar a little I noticed...
Keep up with the latest Labchat news on their blog.
Did you miss the first one? Catch up here.

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