01 February, 2016

[InSL] What keeps you here?

What keeps you



Aemeth wrote a guest post on Juicy Bomb May 12th, 2015 in response to this May 11th entry on New World Notes. After some pondering to take it all in,what stood out to me most was this:
"I believe this is a good time for everyone to reflect on what keeps them here. When you find that thing, talk about that thing. What keeps you here?"(bolding obviously mine)

*I try to keep my quotes from other blogs short, linked and well-credited because I hesitate to summarize what are usually thoughtful,  well-written posts that deserve reading in full.
But little snippets sometimes feel like personal calls to actions or will spark an idea for something I'd also like to write about or contribute to.
Aside from factual or event information news, I think that citing other blogs just to jump on their news trains or namedrop to trade on someone's  keyword credibility is gauche even though it might be 'good for my search metrics'. Bougie much? But that's another post! [insert link to own post, laugh wryly at self]

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