03 April, 2017

Poetry of The Planets on LEA Region 4

Olympus Island and Poetry of The Planets on LEA Region 4.  

Legend has it that the Ancient Gods of the Greeks have abandoned this realm, but evidence of their existence can be found above, in celestial spheres. These signs and symbols, both direct and abstract, are also reflected in Gustav Holst's 1918 orchestral suite, The Planets, Op 32.

Via http://poetryplanetsisl.blogspot.com

I will be visiting this week with Mr Aberdon to write despite our RL still being in a bit of chaos. Sometimes Second Life is a panacea and my creative haven and April is NaPoWriMo after all...But what DOES one wear when visiting the very planets themselves?? Surely a series of suitable sartorial vestments will suggest themselves upon a bit of research and a dig through the gowns in my inventory, photos of course being a necessity.

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