13 June, 2014

Team Caledon Relay For Life Events in June

The Jam Tart Ball and The Teal and Crystal Ball are 2 events I am very much looking 
forward to. I have my ensemble all ready for the former but not the latter. I'm just deliberating over which mask to wear...

The Jam Tart Ball, June 14 early edition is 11am-1pm SLT and then the later one, which I
will attend, from 7-9pm SLT since earlier, I have a 'very important date' with Mr Abe's
typist and some butterflies and a few shrimps in RL.

Since the theme is of course Alice-y, it was a delight to shop for! Even though I have
several suitable outfits that obviously no one has seen in at least a year, I was craving
a very new view of 'what is Alice-like', so you'll see that. Everyone who knows me even a
little knows The Alice theme and study of same is one of my most favorite of all. I am
excited about the tart competition too and may cheat a little in the voting and vote for
myself like a piglet. More about Pigs in June later...

I did also want to share a couple of in-theme items from the ongoing event called The Chapter Four. Here are some interesting new masks since it IS a masquerade and I did always think a Black Rabbit might be an elegant creature indeed and a foil to the White Rabbit persona. Adding some embellishment to one of these would make them even better and more unique, and you do have time. Playing Cards, roses, ribbons, steampunk accents, I was thinking for starters.

These bags are cute and in theme too, singly or in the fatpack, they are very similar to some RL Lolita bags from Angelic Pretty and other companies, so I think they are pretty cute!

In any case jump down the rabbit hole to the Jam Tart Ball with me when it's time, and we'll see how you fare against me in the Tart-making Competition. We will have great good fun and you can be sure I'll be blogging all the tarts and outlandish fashion afterwards!

The Teal and Crystal Ball is about week later on June 21st from 7-9pm SLT and calls for
dress in the title colors as a request though certainly not a requirement. I do love themed events and excuses to dress up though, (in all worlds) so I will be delighted to see what I can
uncover at Fashion For Life so we will be glowing, greeny-blue and gorgeous when
our carriage to the event  arrives.
I may have a sneak-peek before then if I don't get too busy! I hope to see you at one or both of these events in support for The Caledon Relay for Life Team and our local social scene, which I have to say I have missed more than just a bit!

I do look forward to seeing you so please come say hello to me. :)

<3's and Tarts,
Diligent Dauphine and Delinquent Duchess
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