17 October, 2015

TAG Gacha October 2015, The Haunted Mortuary

We went, we saw, we TAGGED.
We laughed, we cried (that ultra-rare that always gets away, *sniff*) and we marveled at the tricks and treats that were handed out just for making the rounds at the shops.
Playing a round of Tag Gacha is s a bit similar to the old stamp collecting games but about a hundred times more amazing due to theme, prizes, builds, prizes, excitement, prizes....are you beginning to get my drift? :D Many shops went all out with their displays too, I was amazed. I grabbed my HUD the MINUTE the sim opened, Aberdon close on my heels (hooves?) and I admit it...we did run willy-nilly through to the finish, tagging, playing and laughing! I wanted to quickly finish my tagging to hit the bonus room and then redeem my coupons for Mystery Rares (we got 3 of those in total) but I will surely return to many shops for photos (and SHOPPING) as the event gets a bit less crowded.

My whirlwind impressions were thus: we landed just outside the gates in the pouring rain.The funeral home is a beautiful white antebellum mansion. A breathless crowd surrounded us, pushing and bumping so I fled forward, then dashed up the gracefully curving stairs to the landing, and when we went inside, there was a familiar setting to anyone who has attended a genteel funeral in the southern United States. It was a bit eerie queuing up for the HUD, it was up in front of the casket and it felt for all the world like waiting in line to view the body. But since this is SL, I almost expected someone to pop up from the casket and frighten us to death. Thankfully that did NOT happen and we grabbed our HUDs and some handy umbrellys from the stand as we headed back out into the gloomy downpour. Clicking on our flashlights and opening our HUDs we were ready to start the first spin and teleport off to the first destination!
tag gacha October 2015

The Last Stop
I will continue the narrative in a future post as well as show you some of our loot here and on Flickr but suffice it to say it was a delightful night and a wonderful start to an amazing event.

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