04 June, 2017

Home and Garden Expo, MadPea Madness for Secret Saturday + Travelogue notes for June 2017

Grid Status: Online | In-World: 42,738 | SL Time: 9:50 am
Magical islands and ships at RUSTICA

I am not a super-duper catch-all-the-events kind of Second Life shopper. I like to wander through main stores inspecting the build, seeing the place next door and hanging out in the ambiance of the area so most of the regularly staged shopping events kill that feeling of exploration for me. I do shop for new pieces from my favorite participating merchants but it is more like an in-and-out grocery store trip than a leisurely stroll through a beautiful area. There are exceptions, of course, as with the RFL events such as this one (the Home and Garden Expo 2017) but when aren't there?

Of course, something sudden will pop up nearly every day, today it is something new at MadPea, Secret Saturdays. MadPea group members can click the board to reveal then win a prize but...today it requires 250 unique user clicks...as I am leaving, we lack 60...so giddyap on over to the MadPea shop inworld every Saturday so we can get a gift every time. Group membership is free and you always receive 10% off on purchases, not to mention the Games and ExPEAditions.
More on that later as Mr. Aberdon and I love their games!

Travel Destinations of interest via Firestorm Login Interface:
London City Pride
Celebrities Bay Surf & Music Festival
PaliHub - Linden Bears!
Gardens By The Bay

Other points of Interest:
Angel Manor - Home, obviously. 3 New Water sims this summer
New Babbage - Hangout, obviously
Anaconda Romance in the Clouds - Dressy nightclub to check out
Peak Club - Deep Underground Vibes Live DJs to check out

Mimi's Choice - LUXE Paris department
LaPointe and Bastchild

Shopping Events:
Fifty Linden Friday
Gardens By The Bay

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